Product Review #2 01/04

The Craftsman 59497 4-Drawer Powered Project Center

This unit provideds plenty of storage space, with an embedded power strip and recessed shelves to accommodate several battery chargers. The basic unit is made of metal, but durable plastic components attach around the top edge, which overhang and providestorage and a 'bumper,' without adding much weight. The unit's top surface is comprised of two removable and interchangeable high-density fiberboard panels, each with a different surface substance on its opposing side—one with galvanized steel and the other with non-slip rubber mat—for a total of three possible surface materials. When these panel(s) are removed, the top storage compartments are exposed: one large, shallow compartment and one compartment of equal size, divided up into smaller cavities for tighter organization.

Assembling this unit was a snap with the help of the manual—we don't recommend attempting to assemble it without the manual because of a specific order in which components must be attached. Each component came individually wrapped and tucked into various drawers with a diagram indicating where each component could be found. Again, a great feature of this unit is the built-in power strip, which fastens beneath a shelf on one side panel, concealed from view, yet is easily accessible for plugging in cords. Within the charger compartment on the unit's side are two removable shelves, on which the chargers rest as their cords stay tucked beneath. Within the overhanging top edge are several pockets of different shapes and sizes, including cups holders, drill holsters, small parts storage, and more. The unit has 4 drawers: two shallow drawers, one medium-sized drawer and one deep drawer ideal for larger tools. The drawer slides are not ball-bearing. The unit comes with four heavy casters (the two rotating casters also have locking mechanisms) and a heavy cord lknob to keep the unit's 12-foot power cord safely out of the way. The unit has an internal locking mechanism, and includes two reversible keys.

The Craftsman 4-drawer Powered Project Center, model # 59497 weighs 130 lbs. and measures 36-3/4" tall, 38" wide, and 24" deep, provides 9,846 cubic inches of storage space, and retails for around $299.97

—Gabriel Vandervort

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