Tool Comparison Test 07-2004

DeWalt DW423 5-inch Random Orbit Palm Sander

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This sander is very comfortable to hold and easy to handle during use. The noise level it produces is very low -- just a quiet hum. It collects dust very efficiently (about the same as the Ridgid), and the dust bag is well-constructed -- sturdy yet flexible due to the interior spring. While testing it on the jobsite, we found it a bit squirrely and hard to control, and it took a while to come to a complete stop once power had been shut off.
Test checklist:
Retail price: About $89.00 (List around $150)
Specifications: 120-volt; 2 amps; 7,000 – 12,000 opm
Weight of sander (fully loaded):
3.5 lbs.
Variable speed: Yes. "Infinitely adjustable" dial allows speeds to be finely tuned, graduating from speeds 1 to 5.
Dust collection/ vacuum attachment capabilities: Dust collection bag snaps off easily. A spring inside the bag can be depressed, forcing out contents for easy emptying. It also has a vacuum-hose adapter.
Comfort of grip: We found its wide, circular grip shape to be quite comfortable, although are no pads on the grip. The index-finger dust-sealed power switch is easily accessible and the speed selector dial sits right beneath the thumb.
Sanding disk attachment: Utilizes hook-and-loop paper attachment.
Length of power cord: 10 feet
Carrying case features: Plastic case with metal clasp. Inside features a notch for the tool and a plastic sleeve for extra sanding disks and accessories.
Accessories included: Sander, dust collection bag, one sanding disk, and a replacement CFS (controlled finishing system) disk, which fits between the pad and shroud, and increases dust collection efficiency and control.
Relative noise level of tool while operating: A quiet hum.
Features and notes:

* This sander has a Controlled Finishing System™ which regulates the speed of the pad and minimizes marring or gouging during start up

—Gabriel Vandervort

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