Tool Comparison Test 07-2004

Bosch 1295DVS 5-inch Random Orbit Palm Sander

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We found the Bosch to be comfortable to hold and easy to control while in use. The power switch is easy to turn on but the 'off' switch is below the 'on' switch. Consequentially, we found that when turning it off, the index finger can accidentally press against the 'on' button, turning it back on. Once activated, the brake was relatively slow to stop the tool. The dust collection worked great -- the micro-filter dust bag let almost no dust escape and the dust bag frame is sturdy and solidly constructed.

Test checklist:
Retail price: About $94.00
Specifications: 120-volts; no other specs immediately evident
Weight of sander (fully loaded):
3.75 lbs.
Variable speed: Yes. Speed selector dial increases in the opposite direction of all the others (left to right, whereas the other sanders' dials increase going right to left). Speed can be adjusted with ("infinitely variable") smooth transition.
Dust collection/ vacuum attachment capabilities: The wide, thin, hard-shell plastic dust collection canister pops onto the unit and locks into place with two plastic tabs. Inside it are several ridges of micro-filters. To empty the canister, both tabs must be held down firmly and the canister wiggled off the port. Then the unit can be popped open and the dust knocked out. A vacuum-hose adapter unit is an available option but does not come included with the tool.
Comfort of grip: Feels great. The grip is small, round and compact, fits comfortably in the palm and allows for 360-degree versatility. It has a rubberized overmold grip on top and the extended motor housing also allows for 360-degree gripping lower down on the body.
Sanding disk attachment: Standard hook-and-loop disk attachment. The backing pad is held onto the bottom of the unit's foot with one heavy central bolt, whereas the other sanders utilize several smaller bolts.
Length of power cord: 8 feet
Carrying case features: None included
Accessories included: Sander, dust collection canister, one sanding disk
Relative noise level of tool while operating: Very quiet
Warranty/ guarantee: 1-year limited warranty
Features and notes:
* Very smooth to operate.
* Excellent dust collection and vacuum-connection.

—Gabriel Vandervort

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