Random-Orbit Palm Sander Operating Tips

* Keep the sanding disk flat against the work surface. Using the disk's edge or tipping the sander can mar the finigh and decrease disk life.
* For most wood- and metal-sanding applications, an aluminum oxide open-coat sanding disk is recommended -- the synthetic material lasts well and cuts quickly. For applications involving glass, plastics or stone, a silicone carbide disk's sharp cutting edge works well. For polishing, a soft backing pad, foam buffing pad or bonnet should be used in conjunction with an appropriate buffing/polishing compound.
* Never push the sander into the work surface. Let the sander do the work for a more even result, with minimized gouging, and extended tool life.
* We recommend using clamps to secure the work surface before sanding.
* Remove an adhesive-backed sanding disk before storing the tool. Built-up heat from use can cause the adhesive on the sanding pat to set up, permanently binding it to the backing pad if left attached. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO ANY ADESIVE-BACKED HOOK AND LOOP CONVERION PAD. If binding does occur, sand with the tool for a few minutes to loosen and re-heat the backing pad before attempting to remove it.
* Don't sand in one spot too long and check the work area often -- a random orbit sander works more aggressively than a simple orbital sander.

Differences between random orbit sanders and other types of sanders:
* A random orbit sander should be in contact with the work surface BEFORE power is turned on, unlike other types of sanders.
* You can move a random orbit sander across a work surface in any direction -- even against wood grain.

Sander safety tips:
* Disconnect the tool from its power source before changing accessories.
* Always make sure the tool's power is turned off before plugging in the cord.
* Wear a disposable particle-filtering mask when sanding (these can be purchased for around $2 each).
* Try wearing safety glasses with edge-shields instead of goggles because they're less likely to fog up.

—Gabriel Vandervort
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