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The Dremel MultiPro® 3956-02 Rotary Tool

We found the Dremel MultiPro® 3956-02 Rotary Tool to be very easy to manage, quick to learn, and useful in a huge array of applications. The tool's variable speed function allows the user to pinpoint just the right speed for the task, ranging from 5,000 up to 35,000 rpm, but the selector is adjusted in increments, and tends to alter speed rapidly if the selector is bumped up or down a notch. The quick-release collet holds accessories tight while in use. To swap accessories, the thumb-positioned shaft lock button is engaged, which holds the rotating shaft firmly in place. The collet is loosened with a twist, accessories switched out, and the tool is back in business in a matter of a few seconds.

With the tool came a sturdy storage case packed with accessories. We found the flex-shaft attachment extremely helpful when tasks involve reaching around corners and into tight places—up to 3 feet away from the unit's body. A total of 77 accessory bits and tools were also included, which turn this rotary tool into a sander, buffer, grinder, cleaner, polisher, cutter, drill... you name it. A lawn mower blade sharpener (also handy for sharpening pruning shears and other garden tools, we found) is also included. We were impressed that the package even included two spring-clamps.

The Dremel fits nicely in one hand and can be held comfortably in a variety of ways. For grinding, sanding and cutting, we found it to be best held firmly in the palm of the hand. While trying it out on detail work, it was much easier to use when held between the thumb and forefinger—like a pencil. In both of these positions, the speed selector and shaft lock were easily operated.

The full list of included attachments are as follows: 1 #150 Drill Bit, 1 #401 Mandrel, 1 #402 Mandrel, 1 #407 1/2" Drum Sander, 3 #408 1/2" Coarse Sanding Band, 46 #411 Coarse Sanding Disc, 2 #414 1/2" Felt Polishing Wheel, 5 #420 15/16" Heavy-Duty Cut-Off Wheel, 1 #425 Emery-Impregnated Polishing Wheel, 3 #429 1" Felt Polishing Wheel, 1 #430 1/4" Drum Sander, 2 #431 1/4" Coarse Sanding Band, 2 #432 1/2" Fine Sanding Band, 3 #438 1/4" Fine Sanding Band, 1 #540 1-1/4" Cut-Off Wheel, 2 #541 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel, 1 #8193 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, 1 #932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone.

The Dremel MultiPro® 3956-02 Rotary Tool weighs 18 ounces, operates on 1.15 amps, and comes with a 6-foot power cord. A 5-year warranty is also included. It retails for around $74.99 (list $145.06)

—Gabriel Vandervort

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