Product Review #3

The Dremel 8000-01 Cordless Rotary Tool

The Dremel 8000-01 cordless rotary tool is an interesting spin on this particular type of tool. Being cordless, it is superior in its ability to go almost anywhere... fitting easily in a pocket, tool belt, tool box, or even glove compartment. This tool is great for minor sanding, polishing, detailing and cleaning—particularly where there is a lack of power supply. However, we found the cordless Dremel to lack power and stamina when used in more ambitious applications such as grinding and cutting. It is good to have around for minor, periodic tasks. It's lightweight, and has comfortable, rubber-coated grips on both the front and back of the tool.

Its lithium-ion 10.8-volt battery holds a charge quite well, and a gauge on top of the tool lets you know just how much juice is left in it. Using the speed selector dial, the tool's speed can be finely adjusted to between 5,000 and 35,000 rpm (the same as in Dremel's corded models). The speed selector is located midway up its body, which we found useful for one-handed operation, but it was also easily bumped and accidentally switched when being moved around in the hand.

The Dremel 8000-01 cordless rotary tool cweighs 14 ounces and comes with a carry case, 3-hour charger, a kit of 60 accessories, and a 2-year warranty. It retails for around $69.99 (list around $79.99)

—Gabriel Vandervort

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