Product Review #3

Craftsman Rotary Tool

Craftsman's rotary tool is a solid, dependable tool which ties in certain elements of both the Black & Decker and Dremel rotary tools. Like the Dremels, this tool has a push-button shaft lock and its slim design fits nicely in the hand. Its speed selector switch is located about 2/3 the way back on the tool's body, like on the Dremel cordless, but the Craftsman only adjusts in increments—for a total of 9 speeds, between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM. The Craftsman rotary tool comes in a hard-shell plastic case with three secure compartments for the various accessories—two with clear lids so you can the see the contents. A bonus with this tool is the inclusion of a tool stand and auxiliary flexible shaft. Accessories can be placed in the stand's base for easy access during tasks.

The tool has a comfortable, soft grip, is fairly quiet-running, and is well-weighted while held in the hand in both underhand and overhand positions.

The Craftsman #5005351-13 Rotary Tool comes with 100 accessories for a variety of applications— for grinding, polishing, sanding and engraving, and a guide for use when cutting. It weighs 7.5 lbs. and retails for around $99.99

—Gabriel Vandervort

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