Product Review #3

The Black and Decker RTX Rotary Tool

Black and Decker's RTX rotary tool is a strong and compact tool which we found to be great at a multitude of tasks. It is comfortably held in the palm-held and overhand position (like a pencil). The RTX has a lock switch which flips up and, unlike the Dremel, locks the shaft and allows accessories to be replaced without having to keep your finger on the button. The flip switch is located at the tip of the tool body, just above the finger grip—which makes it easy to operate with one hand. However, the speed adjustment dial is locacted at the far back of the tool and requires a second hand to adjust it while in use. The tool has a "set and forget" on/off switch, independent of the speed adjustment dial. This allows the tool to be turned off and turned on again to the exact same speed. But it makes turning on and adjusting the tool's speed a two-part task. It feels very comfortable in the hand, because of its slim finger grip area and rubber overmold grip covering.

The tool packs a good punch with regards to power and versatility. It has a 2.0 amp motor and its speed can be finely adjusted tyo between 8,000 and 30,000 rpm. And it can take quite a beating and keep going strong. We found it to be superior in its ability to take higher loads—without bogging down—of all the tools tested. It also has a universal collet system that accepts all standard rotary tool accessories—even those made by other manufacturers. The carry case has a translucent plastic snap-closed compartment with clips and spaces for all of the accessories. Being plastic, however, the latching mechanism does not always click closed properly and must be checked before the case is jostled around.

The Black and Decker RTX™ Rotary Tool comes with 55 accessories and case and retails for around $59.99

—Gabriel Vandervort

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