Tool Comparison Test #1 11/03

CRAFTSMAN 11453 14.4-volt, 3/8-inch chuck cordless power drill/driver


The drill bit holders work great—they keep the bits pointed forward, protect hands from injury. Nice vertical bubble-level on back of drill body. Wrist strap may be useful on the job. Storage case excellent and well organized—corner compartment with snap-closed lid has drill bit storage clips inside. Drill has very quick brake, causes slight kick. Overall a solid tool that feels great in the hand.

* Drill battery lost power slowly and steadily.

Test checklist:
Retail price: About $89.99
Specifications: 275 in./lb torque, 24-position adjustable clutch, up to 1,400 RPM
Weight of driver with battery:
4-1/4 lbs.
Battery attachment/ removal: Easy and secure-feeling. Battery pops onto bottom, 2-button press to release.
Screw head visibility maintained at close proximity to wood? Not so much. Large, bluntly-tapered chuck obscures screw head a little when nearing level of surface.
Variable speed trigger? Yes. Speed 2 even starts at extremely slow speed.
Warranty: Full one-year warranty
Languages offered in manual: English/ Spanish
Number of 2-1/2-inch deck screws driven through doubled 2x4s on fully charged battery: 166
Well balanced at vertical? Horizontal? Yes—well-balanced and feels good at both angles.
Stiffness of trigger: Springy—needs full depression to achieve top speed. Hands may feel tired after extended use.
Relative noise level of tool while operating: Average
Components included:

Drill, 2 batteries, 2 driver bits (each in its own nook in drill's stock). One-hour charger, battery charge information card and detailed instructions manual. Wrist strap on drill handle.

—Gabriel Vandervort

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