The Latest and Greatest Tools from Craftsman

Craftsman's new 5 amp all-in-one cutting tool, #17254 impressed us at New Tool News right off the bat. The tool comes with accessories that turn it into a router, carver, cutter, sander, drill, and has a built-in work light. It has a powerful 5-amp ball bearing motor, with a 2-speed switch which allows you to set the speed anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 RPM. Another great feature is its built-in work light.

Its collet can accomodate 1/8" and 1/4" adapter and has a collet lock for easy bit changes. It can cut through material up to 1" thick, and comes with a free-style sole plate cutting guide and several bits.* Adjustable depth-of-cut lets you cut materials up to 1 inch thick. It has a 360-degree handle for precision and control while cutting, and a built-in hanger loop which can be used with the included flexible shaft attachment. The included plunge router base attaches with a snap, and also has an adjustable depth scale which allows for 90- to 45-degree bevel cuts.

Inside a sturdy carry-case is included: the cutting tool, an angle grinder attachment kit, complete with metal cutting disc, masonry cutting disc, 36- and 50-grit sanding discs, 120-grit polishing pad and sanding disc backing pad. A flexible shaft for one-handed working, circle cutting guide, beveling plunge router attachment, angle grinder attachment side handle, freehand cutting guide, removable handle with sole plate, angle grinder attachment and side handle collar, rip fence and owner's manual.

Craftsman's #17254, all-in-one cutting tool weighs16.78 lbs. and retails for about $99.99.

New Craftsman Professional™ Twin Cutter has dual opposing blades that cut through wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic with ease—and without having to change blades. The cut this tool makes is so clean that the material hardly needs sanding or deburring. The Twin Cutter looks like an angle grinder or a trim saw, but it packs quite a different punch. Two 6-1/8-inch, 36-tooth, carbide-tipped blades run flush against one another and rotate in opposite directions, substantially reducing kickback. This synchronizes the cutting action of the two blades and helps neutralize resistance from the cutting surface. And, unlike an angle grinder, the blades are cutting, not grinding the material.

Materials that are lacquered, powder coated and anodized are not damaged when cutting with the Twin Cutter. Making pocket cuts is easy by plunging into material and cutting forwards and backwards. The portable saw has a number of applications, including: construction and installation jobs, carpentry and remodeling, demolition projects, plumbing, installation of HVAC systems, auto body reconstruction and repair, and electrical installation and renovation.

The Twin Cutter has a powerful 7.8-amp motor. The tool is constructed of molded plastic, aluminum and steel with a sealed, slide on/off switch. An auxiliary handle provides leverage and added support. The saw weighs seven pounds and has a maximum depth of cut of 1-7/8 inches. The carbide-tipped Teflon®-coated saw blades are constructed of high-quality, hardened alloy steel.

The Craftsman Twin Cutter (#26829) is now available and retails for $179.99.

Craftsman has expanded the use of laser technology by adding a laser-cutting guide to a 7-1/4-in. circular saw. A precise laser-light line helps the operator increase accuracy and cutting efficiency. To enhance the laser beam’s visibility, especially when cutting outdoors in direct sunlight, a pair of impact-resistant, red colored safety glasses is included.

The saw features a class IIIa laser housed in the upper blade guard. Its lens is recessed and protected by a clear shield. The laser can be activated at the push of a button. Upon activation, the saw’s laser light is projected through a series of prisms that produce an intense red laser beam directly in line with the blade’s cutting path – extending from the saw’s base plate onto the workpiece and up to two-to-four feet in front of the saw.

The saw is powered by a 14-amp (3.2 peak hp) motor with a 5,000-rpm, no-load cutting speed. The motor has heavy duty-machined gearing for efficient power transmission and permanently lubricated ball bearings for long life.

The circular saw’s ergonomically designed contoured rear handle and front assist handles feature textured rubber grips that provide comfort and control. An extended-length trigger provides a smooth transfer of power. One-touch, thumb control provides depth of cut adjustments from 2-3/8-in. at 90 to 1-13/16-in. at 45 degrees. The saw’s bevel cutting scale is adjustable from 0 to 54.5 degrees. The circular saw’s 11-in. x 6-in. epoxy-coated stamped steel base plate has a cutting length scale and onboard wrench storage for changing blades.
Other features include built-in sawdust blower, 24-tooth, carbide-tipped general purpose saw blade, edge guide, eight-foot, two-wire power cord and a blow-molded carrying case.

Craftsman's 7-1/4-in. circular saw with Laser Trac™ (#10860) is available at Sears for $69.99