The Latest and Greatest Tools from Black and Decker

Black and Decker's new RTX Rotary Tool gives homeowners the ease and flexibility to complete a multitude of home improvement tasks with one tool. This high-speed, multi-purpose rotary tool uses commonly available accessories to do everything from cutting off nails and bolts, sanding wood and metal, grinding steel, removing rust and paint, polishing brass and jewelry, drilling holes, engraving valuables, sharpening blades and more. Designed to handle serious do-it-yourself tasks, the RTX Rotary Tool offers twice the power (50 percent more torque) of the leading hand-held rotary tool. An exclusive Flip-Lock spindle lock eliminates the need to press awkward buttons when changing accessories.

A variable speed control allows the RTX Rotary Tool to run at speeds of 8,000 RPMs for precise detailed work or up to 30,000 RPMs for aggressive material removal and it features an on/off switch separate from the rotary tool’s variable speed dial for "Set and forget’ convenience. Durable rubber over-molded grips also add comfort and control, and it fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

A full line of RTX accessories is available and includes: high-speed cutters, fiberglass cut off discs, diamond point sanders, engraving cutters, wire brushes, grinding stones, sanding drums and more—and the RTX Rotary Tool even accepts competing rotary tool accessories. Rotary Tool attachments are sold separately; a hand-held Flexible Shaft (RT5100) reaches into tight areas and is ideal for precise applications such as intricate woodcarving, while the RTX Rotary Tool Clamp (RT5300) clamps on to workbenches and table tops for hands-free sanding, drilling, polishing, cutting and carving. A Drill/Router Guide (RT5200) turns the RTX Rotary Tool into a drill press and router.
Black and Decker's
RTX-1 includes 55 accessories and a kit box for $69; the RTX-2 includes 53 accessories, a kit box and flexible shaft and retails for $79

Black & Decker's new DustBuster“ Cordless Floor Vac
three convenient cordless vacuums in one—provides full room cleaning of carpets, tile and hardwood floors, upholstery and more. This vacuum is the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market, delivering 9.6 volts of maximum cleaning power as an upright floor vacuum, full-size hand-held vacuum or a DustBuster hand vac.

As an upright floor vacuum, the DustBuster Cordless Floor Vac vacuums both carpeted and hard floor surfaces. With the push of a button, the DustBuster and 10" power brush detaches from the upright handle to become a full-size hand-held vacuum to clean stairs and other small areas. With the push of another button, the DustBuster detaches from the base of the 10" power brush to become a traditional DustBuster hand vac to clean draperies, car interiors and other hard to reach surfaces. A surface selector slide switch maximizes vacuuming performance for both hard and carpeted surfaces. When the switch is in the first position the vacuum turns on and is ready to vacuum hard surfaces. When the switch is in the second position the rotating brush in the power head is activated for cleaning carpeted areas. This vacuum also has a Double Action Filter System so that your hands don’t touch the dirt when emptying. The filter deflects dirt and debris off a primary hard filter into the dirt bowl and captures fine dust in a secondary pleated filter. Its large 13.6 oz. bowl is great for multiple cleanings. The whole unit hangs safely out of the way on a handy wall hook and mount.

The DustBuster Cordless Floor Vac (Model # CFV9600) retails for $64.99.

Black & Decker's new DirtBuster Floor & Hand Vac is a powerful and versatile corded vacuum with detachable hand-held power head. The DirtBuster is a powerful floor vacuum great for full room cleaning as well as the ideal vacuum for town homes, apartments and college dorm rooms. Its lightweight power head detaches from the upright handle with a quick-handle release button to clean stairs, upholstery, car interiors and other surfaces that are hard to reach with a standard upright vacuum. A separate flexible vacuum hose, which accepts both a crevice tool and dusting brush, attaches to the power head of the DirtBuster to vacuum even harder to reach areas along draperies, baseboards, corners and under cabinets. The flexible hose, crevice tool and dusting brush are conveniently stored in a translucent compartment on the DirtBuster’s upright handle.

A surface selector foot pedal maximizes performance for both hard and carpeted surfaces. With one tap on the pedal, the vacuum turns on and is ready to vacuum hard surfaces. With a second tap, a power brush is activated for cleaning carpeted areas.The power head has a separate two-position thumb switch on the handle of the power head to turn the vacuum on and activate the power brush. The DirtBuster delivers maximum cleaning performance with a high-powered corded system of 4.6 (FV5000) or 6.6 amps (FV7000). Its bagless Double Action Filter System keeps your hands free of dirt when emptying—the filter deflects dirt and debris off a primary filter screen into the dirt bowl and captures fine dust in a secondary pleated filter.

Black & Decker's new DirtBuster‘ Floor & Hand Vac retails for between $59.99 and $69.99.